Best Areas to Stay in Paris

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Best Areas to Stay in Paris in France

There is no doubt that the location you choose to book your hotel in Paris will affect your whole travel experience. The conditions of the room and the activities around are the most important aspects to take into consideration when preparing your trip, specially in a big city like Paris.

Which area will suit your expectations? Do you want to go out at night? Or do you want to sleep in a quiet room with no noise?

It is difficult to make a good choice. All possible here. Let's find out what type of neighborhoods will make your stay memorable!

First of all, try to find the answer that is "best for you" because this city has a special variety. It is all about your priorities and expectations and what you prefer to be close by.

Pariss Districts Arrondissement

What To Pay Attention To in Paris

Its important for traveler to take in to account their environment. In other words, the characteristics you might be looking for would make a great difference. The neighborhoods in Paris really have various feelings. Read a detailed description of the districts in Paris.

What would lift your spirits when you look out the window? A chic vintage boutique at the corner, a centuries-old neighboring building across the street or a view of a monument, like the Eiffel Tower?

What would you appreciate best to find around you when you start your day? The most iconic cafés in Paris? Being close to your most anticipated museum? Or walking a world-famous boulevard filled with best stores of the most luxurious brands in the world?

Do you want to move around the city with an Uber or public transport? If you can to move around by car, it is better to book a hotel in a reachable spot by car (main roads, far from pedestrian streets). If you are more into public transport, maybe you should choose a hotel around a main metro station like Chatelet, Nation or Opera.

A View of the Eiffel Tower

Paris Eiffel from Notre Dame

For example, everyday more and more people appreciate a view of the Eiffel Tower from their rooms. That could narrow the choices of the best options for such travelers. At least, it guarantees some great posts on instagram right away!

The Eiffel Tower is a marvel of the industrial age from the turn of the former century. Yet, it is also a clear sign of being in Paris for any arriving traveler. The best place to get a nice view of the Iron Lady would be the 7th and 8th arrondissement. Warning though, prices are outrageous...

A Cute and Cozy Area: Le Marais

Meanwhile, some visitors really chase more authenticity in the streets and architecture. These types of visitors want to pick a truly Parisian Café and enjoy a break just like French person. This place is not about vast boulevards, this area is more cozy and cute. You can divide this group into two very good options: Saint-Germain and Le Marais.

The Saint-Germain area is the real chic part of Paris packed with quality shops, cafés, and restaurants that definitely feel like you are in Paris. On the other hand, Le Marais is an older version of Paris. It is less flashy but a better fit for vintage tastes. The other fame of this area comes from its bohemian and alternative life style. So it could be a great choice for the travelers chasing the unconventional.

An Architectural Area: Latin Quarter

Latin Quarter's top attractions in Paris

The Island of Saint-Louis could be seen like an extension of Latin Quarter, which gets you closer to the great Notre-Dame Cathedral and the geographical center of Paris. If you like, these are the places to find the oldest architecture and urban planning in Paris.

A Romantic Atmosphere: Montmartre

Montmartre could be the cutest area to stay and best to enjoy the nights out

And there is still the fabulous Montmartre neighborhood in Paris as another special possibility. This was a former village, until the 20th century that turned to be an artists' favorite at margins of the city. The feel is quite different than the central quarters in Paris. You may call it a bit more rustic and romantic in comparison.

Montmartre presents the best panoramic view over the city and more activity after sunset. If you rather spend your nights out in a more free-spirited quarter, you can consider Montmartre a serious candidate.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where is the best area to stay in Paris?

We have collected the best neighborhoods to stay in Paris including Montmartre, Le Marais, the Latin Quarter, and around the Eiffel Tower. Each of them has their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. 

If you want to stay close to many sightseeing activities, you can stay around the Louvre and Bourse. If you want to have magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower, you may stay in the 7th arrondissement. You may choose a place close to the Champs-Élysées and Boulevard Haussman if you are into shopping. 

Where should I stay in Paris for the first time?

The best place to stay in Paris for the first time is up to your expectations. We suggest you to read our detailed decriptions about the districts in Paris before making a decision.

Apart from your expectations, we can suggest the first time visitors the Louvre and Bourse neighborhoods as the most central districts in Paris.

Where should I avoid staying in Paris?

While the area with the highest crime rate in Paris is the area around the 19th arrondissement, Riquet Stalingrad, Cambrai, Place des Fêtes, Danube, Belleville, Jaurès, Ourcq-Rue Petit-Laumiere are also not recommended.

Where is the most central area in Paris ?

The Louvre and Bourse neighborhoods are considered to be the most central districts in Paris. It is easy to walk to many historical sights, museums, restaurants and other attractions from these areas.

Have you made your choice? Which area suits your expectation of a great trip to Paris? What is your style of traveling? Let us know below.

In the meantime, if you need to book a hotel in one of these areas, don't hesitate to check outour recommendations of hotels in Paris. We made sure to select all the best in each area!

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