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With our carefully selected partners, we have specialized in custom made group for travel and sophisticated events in France since 1996.

Our team of experts combines 25 years of experience in M.I.C.E. services for professional incentives, weddings, personal events and group travels in France at the service of foreign customers from England, USA, Germany, Italy, India, Turkey... more than +50 countries around the world.

Find details about our vision, custom-maid services and vacation packages on this page.

1. Who are we?

Paris Tourist Information was founded by leaders in the tourism industry dedicated to organising events in France, such as weddings conferences, corporate events, trade fairs, incentives, tourist programs and much more.

Today, we are the best source for any kind of group travel in France and therefore your best partner!

We will find you the right accommodations, exceptional venues, and the accompanying program for your purposes and group size.

24/7 Support

Our customer support is available 24/7, if your event lasts until the early morning. 

Custom Planing

Custom travel planing with benefits at selected locations in Paris and in France. 

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1.1. Our Vision

We provide the entire accompanying program from a single source, including hotels for groups, meeting organization, and guidance for group events with 24/7 support.

  • Our offer is to handle all your travel planning for groups, conferences, corporate events, trade fairs, incentives, sporting events, family and friends reunions, as well as study and club trips to Paris and France. Moreover, we will assist you during the implementation of your trips and events with 24/7 support
  • Our expertise is combined with relationships that we have developed with carefully selected partners in different professional fields. Therefore, we can supply the complete accompanying program. The communication is harmonious and the process is simplified. Just what you need in France!
  • Our goal is to make your trips, events, and conventions as fun, beautiful, and smooth as you imagined, with the necessary rigor to make it flawless. Tell us what is on your mind and let us do what we do best - keep you away from the worries!

2. Our custom-maid M.I.C.E Services

We at Paris Tourist Information are 25-year organization that provides custom-designed MICE Services in France for corporate and private clients with comprehensive 24/7 support

With local expertise and a selection of excellent partners, we organize events tailored to the specific needs and wishes of our clients.

 We have specialized in the three fields of Group Travel Organisation, Event & Wedding Organisation and Professional Incentives

In addition, we provide single booking services, such as Hotel & Restaurant reservation, the booking of interpreters and tour guides, and more. 

2.1. Group Travel Organisation

Whether professional and corporate events, such as conferences, meetings and trade fairs, or events with friends & family, tourist events or sporting events, we are your partner for a successful group travel organization in Paris or anywhere in France.

It is our pleasure to share our in-depth knowledge of France, valuable contacts, and offer guidance for group events with 24/7 support.

Below you will find our available offers for customized Group Travel Organisation:

Hotel Reservations

Not only will we help you find the right hotel that suits your group, but with us you will also benefit from the best prices. As a long-standing company based in Paris, we have plenty of contacts in Paris and can offer you special deals.

Touristic Activities

France is packed with natural, cultural and historical treasures. We can plan the tourist activities that best fit your group, from hiking in the mountains and water sports to golf or yoga and a trip to a secluded beach or shopping. Experiences like an authentic French Can-can show, a fine dinner in a stared restaurant, a Disneyland day trip or a visit to a castle like Versailles are also great possibilities.

Guided Tours

We can arrange for a knowledgeable guide to take you and your group on a special and memorable tour to the iconic landmarks of Paris or to lesser-known places off the beaten track. 

Day Trips from Paris

We are glad to arrange a driver and a private travel guide for you that shows you some of the greatest wonders of France. Go on an unforgettable day trip to UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as Château de Versailles, Fontainebleau Park...and more!

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2.2. Event & Wedding Organisation

Hiring local experts is the key to the success of a destination wedding or an event in Paris. 

With our extensive knowledge of the event planning industry and more than 2500 of carefully selected partners in France, we will provide you the best prices for high quality service for your event in any city of France! 

Here you will find an overview of our offers for the custom-made organization of events and weddings:

High-end Venue Booking

Celebrating a destination wedding in Paris or hosting a sophisticated event demands for an exceptional venue. Regardless of the size or theme of your wedding or event, we will find the right space in Paris or France. You can choose an opulent hotel, a ballroom, a garden, a luxurious boat venue, a secluded beach or a chalet in the heart of nature, just to name a few.

Catering Service & Staff

We can provide professional catering services for your wedding or special event in France. We can assist you with menu selection, decoration, and arrange professional service staff and the equipment, depending on the requirements of your event.

Wedding Planning

Wedding and Event Planners are a key partner in the smooth running of any event. Since a wedding or event abroad requires even more coordination, it is wise to hire a local wedding planner to support you in making your dream come true. A qualified and experienced wedding planner can take care of the entire planning process, give you guidance and recommendations, select and coordinate vendors, and o much more. We can help you find the right wedding planner with the skills and level of support you need to meet your vision and budget.

Bachelorette Party

A bachelor and bachelorette party is one of the most anticipated pre-wedding events. What better way to end your singledom in France than with an impressive cabaret  show? We can arrange all kinds of memorable bachelor/bachelorette parties, from a sophisticated night with drinks on a chic rooftop or a yacht tour in the Seine River, to a wild night out in one of the hippest clubs in Paris or a pub crawl.

Birthday Celebration

Whether it’s an intimate celebration with your family or an extravagant theme party, we provide bespoke birthday party planning service of all kinds. You can host a tropical beach party, a celebration on a Seine Cruise with Dinner, a decadent celebration in a sumptuous mansion, or a theme party with fireworks, performers and artists... and more.

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2.3. Professional Incentives

We can help you plan, organize and carry out professional incentives and team building events in any city of France, as well as additional activities and services, including the entire accompanying program upon request. 

Our incentive specialists will support you in finding the right event, tailored to your corporate philosophy, group size, wishes and budget. Together we will organize the perfect incentive trip to France.

Below, you will find a brief overview of the available services:

Book Conference Rooms

We are here to locate the right conference room for your event in France, whether it's a conference or meeting, a training seminar, the launch of a new product, or inviting employees from different countries. Thanks to our connections, we can help you book conference rooms for any occasion and group size at the best possible rates.

Hotel Group Reservation

Whether you are looking for a group hotel in Paris suburb, a convention and meeting hotel in Paris or a beach resort in the south of France, we can help you book the best group hotel in your desired destination in France. Our group travel specialists will find the right hotel to meet your needs and wishes during your stay in France and negotiate the very best prices.

Interpreters & Simultaneous Translation Service

We provide licensed sworn interpreters for language support in any city of France. Our professionally trained interpreters can provide high-quality culturally competent language services in specialized areas in all languagesSimultaneous interpretation of live events is also among the areas of expertise of our interpreters.

Extra Activities

Regardless of the size and number of participants, we will be happy to organize customized activities for your corporate event in France

Team Building Organisation

We are the perfect partner for planning, organizing and hosting your team building event in France. Our M.I.C.E. specialists support you in your search for the right team event tailored to your corporate philosophy, group size and wishes. From classic ideas, such as city games, fire walking and paintball to unusual and personalized ideas, everything is possible.

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3. Single Booking Service

We also provide single services for you in France, whether your event is professional or private. We will gladly take over specific organizational tasks to make your trip to France as pleasant and carefree as possible.

Below are some of our offerings for single booking services. Please do not hesitate to fill out our form for assistance.

Reservation Service:

We will be happy to help you book hotels, restaurants and similar services in Paris & France. We will find the right accommodation, the most suitable venue and the best restaurant to suit your needs and take care of the booking for you. As an organization based in France, we have long-standing relationships with local service providers to help you get the best deals.


Are you looking for an artist or performer to brighten up your event in France? We can help you in finding the best acts in France that match your event, budget and audience. Upon request, we will arrange a professional DJ, band, musicians, or even a cook. If you wish, we can organize a firework show, dancers, a magician, a belly dance show, a drum or circus show, and many more.


We take care of the arrangements for your transport in France, from rental cars to exclusive limousines with drivers and buses or business vans for groups. We can manage all your travel needs, whether it’s a transfer from or to the airport, 24/7 limousine service, hiring a yacht or boat, or executive transfer service.

On-site Professionals:

Do you need a qualified professional on site for your event in France? We will be happy to organize a professional suitable for your purposes with the required expertise and language skills. This includes simultaneous interpreters, translators, local city guides, multilingual hostesses, course instructors and many more...

3.1. Book a  Service with us!

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 Entertainment Service
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Need special support for your wedding organisation in France?

Read our page dedicated to weddings in France.

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A Wedding or related
A Meeting / Conference
A Corporate Event (like Team Building)
A Group Travel Event
A Personal Event (like a Birthday)
How many participants are you expecting?
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  • 16 to 30
  • 31 to 50
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