Parking in Paris: Where to Park and How Much it Cost

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Parkings in Paris in France

You want to visit Paris by car? We want to be honest with you: Driving is really NOT the best way to discover the old fashioned streets of Paris and navigating through Paris.

The French capital is the busiest city of the country with a serious parking problem for car. It is very challenging (physically and mentally) to find a parking spot in the streets of Paris, specially with the rigid regulations in place. Thankfully, there are some options that you will read in this article.

Thanks to this article, you will know where to park, how much it will cost and what tools to use to save time and money. Enjoy the information and have a safe trip!

Parking on the Streets in Paris

There are two main alternatives: on-street and underground parking. A very rare possibility is finding a free parking spot. We suggest you not to look for them because those few spots are almost never available.

You will see the French word "payant" marking the white striped areas indicating that you are supposed to pay. The yellow stripes indicate that that specific part is for the buses and taxis so you should avoid them.

You may not need your car for a few days after you arrive in Paris but keep in mind, you CAN'T leave your car more than 24 hours on the streets of Paris.

So in that case you better change the spot or choose a long-term available underground parking.

Prices and Payment

First, know that Sundays and at night time (between 20:00 and 9:00), parking on the streets of Paris is totally free, if you find a spot.

During regular day times, you will have to buy a ticket. You will see the parking-meters at the site. Collect your ticket that these machines and be patient, it can take some time.

Do not forget to put your ticket behind your windshield visible for controllers.

When you come back, you can pay the amount of time you stayed with your credit card from the slot marked with "CB" that means "Card Bancaire". 

There are two different rate for the Paris. In the most central quarters (from 1st to 11th Arrondissements), it costs 4 € per hour, while it takes 2,4 € in the second zone reaching up to the end of 20th arrondissement.

Parkings in Paris : Where to Park and How Much it Cost ?

Parking Underground in Paris

Underground parking facilities are all around of the central quarters of Paris. You can recognize the entrances with blue square "P" signs on the streets. They all work for 24/7.

Prices and Payment

The rates are around 2,50 to 5 € per hour or 20-25 € for a day. You have to take your ticket at the entrances to drive in. Before leaving, you are supposed to make the payments via machines. The receipt will open the barrier when you leave.

Because of the high demand, many local people in Paris reserves the parking slots in advance via websites and apps.

There are dozens of underground parking places in Paris starting with just in the middle of the city.

Tip : There is one right under the point zero of Paris where Notre Dame Cathedral stands.

5 central Underground Parkings in important neighborhoods of Paris :

Near Eiffel Tower :

  • Interparking Pullman Tour Eiffel, 18 Avenue de Suffren, 75015 Paris, France

Near the Louvre Museum :

  • Saemes Parking Pyramides, 15 Rue des Pyramides, 75001 Paris, France

In Saint-Germain Area :

  • Indigo Parking, 9 Rue de Montalembert, 75007 Paris, France

Near Montmartre :

  • One Park Anvers, 41 Blvd de Rochechouart, 75009 Paris, France

Near Le Marais :

  • Interparking Temple, 132 Rue du Temple, 75003 Paris, France
5 central Underground Parkings in important neighborhoods of Paris

The Best Mobile Apps for Parking in Paris

There are several smartphone apps that can help you find a parking spot or book a spot in advance. The locals are usually use it to know which station has available slots before they go there. Eventually, it usually saves time. Here are the name of most popular apps for parking in Paris :

Hotels with Parking in Paris

There are many hotels around the middle of Paris that offer parking space. In case you need a space to leave your car while discovering Paris, check the hotels providing this service. Here you find a few of such :

  • B&B Hôtel Disneyland Paris, at Disneyland
  • Le Bristol, at Faubourg St Honoré (Champs-Élysées)
  • Hôtel LB, at Louis Blanc (Sacré-Coeur)
  • Hôtel Ibis Cambronne, at the Eiffel Tower

Security and Theft in Paris

Car theft is not common in Paris, but if you leave valuables visible from the outside, you may see one of your windows broken (even for clothing, a fancy sports bag, glasses or gloves of value or that appear valuable).

If you would need any help from the police, 112 is for the general emergency calls and 17 is specifically for the police force.

Now you know everything you need to be very smart about your travels in car in Paris. Let us know about your experience and questions in the comment section below! 

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