Guide to Paris Gare de l'Est train station

Read our complete guide to the Paris Gare de l'Est Train Station : Terminals, transfers, trains, access. Know everything about this main train station.

The train station Paris-East is located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris about 3 kilometers from the city center, very close to the Gare du Nord. With 34 million passengers per year, it is the fifth largest Parisian train station.

The Gare de l'Est station was opened in 1849, its name refers more to the destinations served from there than to the location of Paris Est within the city of Paris.

On October 4, 1883, the first Orient Express departed from here for Constantinople.

Many French soldiers were transported during the First World War from the Gare de l'Est to the nearby front at Verdun, hence the additional name Gare de l'Est-Verdun.

The Gare de l'Est has 29 tracks, all located in the same hall, the so-called Quai Transversal. From there, you go straight to the Hall Central, the main hall. The side halls Hall Alsace and Hall Saint-Martin adjoin the main hall on the left and right.

Timetable with arrivals and departures

The current arrival times with track information as well as delay information can be found here.

The current departure times with track information as well as delay information can be found here.

Public Transportation Access: There is a service of 3 metro lines and 9 bus lines to Gare de l'Est. Metro line 5 stops at the Gare du Nord, from where the RER B connects to Charles de Gaulle Airport

Train Connections to Gare de l'Est:

Paris East Station is served by long-distance and regional trains and subways. It is the most important station, especially for travelers from southern Germany and Switzerland.

There is a fast TGV connection to South - Germany with the destinations Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Ulm, Augsburg and Munich.

The German ICE also maintains a direct connection from Frankfurt am Main via Saarbrücken to Paris Gare de l'Est station.

The night train to Moscow departs from Gare de l'Est.

  • Germany: Connections to Augsburg, Darmstadt, Frankfurt am Main, Karlsruhe, Kehl, Mannheim, Munich, Saarbrücken, Stuttgart, Ulm 
  • Switzerland: Connections to Basel and Zürich
  • Austria:  Connections to Linz and Wien
  • Luxembourg: Connections to the capital Luxembourg
  • France: national connections among others to Nancy, Châlons-en-Champagne, Straßburg, Metz, Colmar, Reims, Verdun and much more.
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Public Transportation to get to Gare de l'Est:

  • Metro:  The metro lines 4, 5 and 7 pass the station Gare de l'Est. The entrance to the metro lines is located in basement -1 directly under the station.
    Lines 4 and 7 go to Châtelet station, among others, from where the RER A leaves for Disneyland, terminus Marne-la-Vallée Chessy.
    Metro line 5 offers a fast connection to the Gare du Nord and Gare du Lyon.  
  • RER: The RER lines do not go to Gare de l'Est, they stop at Gare du Nord. From there, the RER B goes to Charles de Gaulle Airport
  • Bus: A total of 9 bus lines stop at the Gare de l'Est: 31, 32, 35, 38, 39, 46, 54, 56 and 91. The stops of the different lines nearby are all called Gare de l'Est.
    All bus stops are located on Rue du 8 May 1945, which can be reached through the exit opposite the main hall. After crossing the Place du 11 Novembre 1918, you are at the bus stops.

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More Information
Taxi in Paris in France

Taxi at the train station at Gare de l'Est:

The Taxis at Paris-Est depart from Place du 11 Novembre 1918, in front of the exit opposite the tracks.

According to the currently valid taxi-rates, the basic fee for a cab in Paris is 7,30 €, the kilometer price is 1,09 € for the first seven kilometers and 1,65 € for each additional kilometer. Standing and waiting times are charged at 33,48 € per hour.

The night tariff is valid from Monday to Saturday for the time between 17:00 in the evening and 10:00 in the morning and on Sundays all day. During the night the basic charge is 7,30 €, the price per kilometer is 1.38 €, for standing and waiting times 42 € are charged.

Lockers and luggage storage in Gare de l'Est:

The lockers at Gare de l'Est are located on the first basement level (level -1) directly opposite the toilets. The automatic luggage deposit is open daily from 6:15 to 23:45.

Prices vary between 5.50 euros and 9.50 euros for 24 hours depending on the size of the locker. You have to pay an extra 5 € per 24 hours extra. Only cash accepted. The period for keeping your luggage is 3 days maximum.

falafel street food in paris

Food, restaurants and coffee shops at Gare de l'Est:

The gastronomic offer at the Gare de l'Est is varied.

Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, various snack stands offer a quick meal for in-between - from McDonald's to Starbucks, there is something for every taste. In the main hall is the restaurant La Place, where lunch and dinner are served.

The restaurants and bakeries close between 8 and 10 pm, however are many restaurants and coffee shops around the station.

Shopping, stores and boutiques at Gare de l'Est:

It is of course possible to buy everything you need for traveling at the Gare de l'Est in Paris - and much more. There are numerous stores, from newspapers and cosmetics to clothing and jewelry, press articles and food, you can find everything here, including Yves Rocher, Occitane, Sephora, The Bodyshop, Kiko, Desigual, DIM, The Cotton Gallery, Mango, Celio, Etam and Accessorize.

Mini supermarkets such as Monop' Daily or Relay as well as coffee stores such as Starbucks and the Paul bakery are located at the Gare de l'Est.

Pharmacy: There is a pharmacy in the Hall Saint-Martin.

Parking, parking garage and rental cars at Gare de l'Est:

There are two paid parking garages near the Gare de l'Est. The entrances are located to the left and right of the station building in Rue d'Alsace and Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, as well as in the main hall. It is recommended to book a parking space in advance.

The car rentals are located on the first basement floor. Among others, the car rental companies Avis, Hertz and Europcar are available. Of course, you can also book your rental car online in advance. The vehicle is then immediately available upon arrival.

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traveler walks to hotel with suitcase in Marais in paris

Hotels at the station at Gare de l'Est:

There are numerous hotels near the Gare de l'Est. Only a minute's walk away you will find the OKKO Paris Gare de l'Est, the hotel ibis Gare de l'Est Tgv as well as the Holiday Inn.
In addition, there are numerous other providers in all price ranges, hotels with stars or without, pensions and bed & breakfast.

Find a nice 3 star hotel around Gare de l'Est or other areas of Paris thanks to our selection of the 25 Affordable 3 Star Hotels in Paris.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there free WLAN at the Gare de l'Est?

Free WLAN is available at Gare de l'Est for 20 minutes.

Where can I find Lost & Found at the Gare de l'Est?

The lost and found office of the Gare de l'Est station is located on the first basement floor at level -1.

Are there cash machines and exchange offices at the station?

In the main hall of the Gare de l'Est there are cash machines and a counter for changing currency. 

Is there an office of Pairs Tourist Info at Gare de l'Est?

There is no Paris Tourist Info office at the Gare de l'Est. The nearest office is at the Gare du Nord. However, there is an information desk directly in the arrivals hall between platforms 15 and 18 and an information point for young travellers opposite platforms 7 and 8.

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