Guide to Paris Beauvais-Tillé Airport [BVA]

Read our complete guide to the Beauvais-Tillé Airport in Paris: Terminals, transfers, flights, Stores, Location and useful information.... Learn everything about this small airport close to Paris.

Description of Beauvais-Tillé Airport

Beauvais-Tillé was opened in 1954 for civil aviation. Today, it is has become a commercial airport flying over 30 000 passengers per year, planning to expend more in the coming years.

Paris Beauvais-Tillé is located 84 kilometers north of Paris and is not actually a Paris airport. It is mainly served by low-cost airlines, with Ryanair and Wizzair dominating but also Blue Air as well as Air Moldava use this airport. In total, about 6 airlines fly to 60 destinations from two terminals, one of the main destinations is Bucharest.

There are connections to Paris by bus, a shuttle service or by highway. Check our premium transfer offers for Paris airports.

Terminals at the Airport:

  • Terminal 1: Terminal 1 is mainly used by Ryan Air and Wizz Air.
  • Terminal 2: Terminal is used by Blue Air and other low-cost carriers. 

Arrivals: Please check the official homepage to see the current arrival times.

Departures: The current departure times can be found on the homepage of Paris Beauvais-Tillé Airport

Transfer from and to the Airport Beauvais-Tillé

Which options are available?

  • Shuttleservice: The Navette bus leaves about 20 minutes after a passenger plane lands and 3 hours and 15 minutes before a plane leaves. The stop in Paris is located near the Arc de Triomphe at the metro station Porte Maillot and the train station Neuilly - Porte Maillot. The journey takes at least 1 hour and 20 minutes and can vary significantly depending on traffic. One way costs 15,90 €.
  • Bus: There are 16 scheduled buses a day departing from Beauvais-Tillé airport to Paris. The journey takes at least 1 hour and 20 minutes depending on the traffic situations.
  • TER-Regional Train: Beauvais airport does not have its own train station. Taxis take passengers to the Beauvais station for about 15 euros. From there, the TER regional train goes to the Gare du Nord in Paris.
  • Car: The airport Paris Beauvais- Tillé is located north of Paris. It is easily accessible via the A16 freeway (exit 15) and the D901 and D1001 roads. Parking facilities are available on the airport site.
  • Private Transfer : Private companies provide private cars and drivers to take passengers to the Beauvais Airport. It is the easiest and fasters way to reach the airport, but also a costly one. For good deals, check our transfer options in our official Paris shop.

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More Information

Parking at the Airport

There are three parking facilities at Paris Beauvais- Tillé airport. Car Park P1 and Car Park P2 are located close to the terminals, from Car Park 4 it is a 10-minute walk. A total of 4,500 parking spaces are available.

Booking parking spaces online in advance is cheaper. Detailed information on parkings in Paris in our dedicated articles. 

terminal taxi traveler in paris in france

Taxi, Uber and Bolt

Taxis charge around 180 euros for the trip from Paris Beauvais-Beauvais-Tillé airport to the center of Paris. The price varies depending on traffic and time of day.

According to the currently valid taxi-rates, the basic fee for a cab in Paris is 7.10 euros, the kilometer price is 1.07 euros for the first seven kilometers and 1.65 euros for each additional kilometer. Standing and waiting times are charged at 33.00 euros per hour.

You can travel with Uber and Bolt to and from the airport Beauvais-Beauvais-Tillé. The cost of the trip depends on the load of the vehicles and the driving time.

Night tariff:

The night tariff is valid from Monday to Saturday for the time between 17:00 in the evening and 10:00 in the morning and on Sundays all day. During the night the basic charge is 7.10 euro, the price per kilometer is 1.35 euro, for standing and waiting times 38 euro are charged. 

Transfer inside the airport:  The airport consists of two terminals, with the airport bus station in the middle. There is no separate transport from one terminal to the other. 

Bus for group transfers

Arrangement of buses for airport transfers from or to Paris Beauvais-Beauvais-Tillé airport for groups of 12 or more.

Region Train to Beauvais-Tillé

The Beauvais-Beauvais-Tillé airport does not have its own train station. Travelers can take a taxi-transfer to the Beauvais train station. The ride costs about 15 euros. From there, the TER regional train runs to the Gare du Nord in Paris, where connections to Paris public transport are available. Get a taxi in Paris.

Lounge at the Airport

There is currently no lounge at Beauvais-Beauvais-Tillé airport.

Shopping, Stores and Duty-Free

The Beauvais-Beauvais-Tillé airport is a small airport and shopping facilities are limited. The opening hours of the stores are partly based on the arrival and departure times of the flights.

There is a relay store in both, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.


The selection is relatively clear - according to the size of the airport. Common duty-free items such as perfumes, chocolate and sweets as well as alcoholic beverages are sold in the Arelia store in the departure terminals after passport and security checks. 

Food: The gastronomic offer is adapted to the size of the airport and consists of a pizzeria and many fast food offers. The bar offers small snacks. 

Rent a Car at the Airport

Six car rental companies are based at Paris Beauvais-Beauvais-Tillé Airport, with small offices between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Of course, you can rent a car online in advance so that the car is available directly upon your arrival. Consult our section dedicated to Car Rental in Paris.

Airport Hotels

There is no airport hotel at the airport Paris Beauvais - Tillé, but there are numerous accommodations in the immediate surrounding of the airport. Visit our article on the 25 Best Affordable 3-Star Hotels in Paris. 

Conference at the Airport  and Environment

We assist in renting rooms for events, conference hotels and the complete social program. 


  • Address: Airport Paris Beauvais - Tillé, Pont de Paris, BP 60250,  60002 Beauvais Cedex
  • Telephone: +33 892 68 20-66
  • IATA Code: BVA
  • Webpage: Paris Beauvais - Tillé

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there free WLAN at Beauvais - Tillé Airport?

Free WLAN is available in the entire airport building and is offered by the provider Orange. Smartphone charging stations or sockets are available at Beauvais - Tillé airport.

Where can I find luggage storage at Beauvais - Tillé Airport?

For security reasons there is no luggage storage at the airport. Unattended luggage will be removed by the police at the expense of the passenger. 

Is the airport open 24 hours a day?

The Airport Bauvais-Tillé is only opened between 7:30 and 22:30 in dependence to the arrivals and departures. 

How much is a taxi from Beauvais - Tillé Airport to Paris City?

Taxis charge around 180 euros for the trip from Paris Beauvais-Beauvais-Tillé airport to the center of Paris. The price varies depending on traffic and time of day.

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