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Seine River Cruise: Bateaux Parisiens with Free Audioguide




  • Experience a Paris classic as you slide past magnificent monuments of Paris, including the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum
  • Enjoy your flexibility day or night with access to boats departing every hour from morning to night hours
  • Listen to the Commentary in 14 languages provided by individual audio guides inside the boat

The Seine River is divides Paris into two halves like a magical avenue aligning the icons of this beautiful city. This is why a cruise ride is absolutely a must-do even for short visits in Paris. Here you can find the most time and money saving option to do it with a perfect location: just next to the Eiffel Tower! The dock is quite at an optimum point to fit into your Paris program right at the foot of the Iron Lady!

This offer does not only reserves your place but also provides a full flexibility to use it any departure of the day you pick. The ride on the Seine River is truly pleasant both during the day and night. Therefore just It delivers you an online ticket so you only go directly to the boat and scan your code. Then you can chose to be indoors or out on the terrace parts.

Meanwhile, you may get help about your questions from the host/hostess inside the boat. Particularly, do not forget to download into your smart phone a guiding application about the important spots you will see on the way! The info records about Paris’ landmarks like Louvre Museum, Conciergerie or Pont Neuf will introduce you the faces of Paris from different ages.

There are 14 available languages:


So you can learn about the centuries-old buildings, several iconic bridges, a couple of top museums while seeing Paris from various angles. Speaking of angles, you may end up with your most memorable photos of your Paris trip here!



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