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Quartier Latin Audioguide


  • Discover a very special neighborhood of Paris at your own pace when you want without waiting anything or anyone
  • Follow the footsteps of great thinkers & writers that lived and made Paris and understand the French culture in detail
  • Learn about the great landmarks, vibrant squares and popular markets in authentic streets of Quartier Latin of Paris

This self-guided tour presents the most flexible way to discover the famous Quartier Latin of Paris. There is no meeting, waiting and time limits! You just listen, learn, walk or give breaks as much as you want. There are 17 stations picked by our expert guides to tell about while exploring this unique part of Paris. You will see those points marked on a map with your own location.

The course of the tour covers approximately 2 miles / 3 km distance that might take 45 minutes with non-stop walking. Of course, it is entirely up to you to skip any station if you think that you don’t have time. On this tour you are the boss and determine the duration and pace yourself!

Meanwhile, there are significant museums and monuments on the way. For example; if the glorious Pantheon is in your list… or if you would care fore a beautiful museum dedicated to the Middle Ages… you can easily buy your tickets online or at the spot and stretch out your program.

Latin Quarter steeped in history and culture, is famous for its unique atmosphere. For a thousand years it has been the quarter of students and schools as well as the meeting place for intellectuals and artists. On the way, we will talk about the most influential thinkers, scientists and heroic figures but most importantly the environment that created them.

Follow us on our tour to the Paris of the 1920s and feel the spirit of Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, George Orwell and many other international artists who once lived in this neighborhood. Unlike the other tourist favorite areas of Paris, the visitors meet with more authentic atmosphere here. Walk with us through narrow, winding streets. Therefore, we hope you will get a better sense of Paris and its international heritage together.

You will also discover famous sights such as the imposing Panthéon – resting place of some of the greatest figures – the world-famous bookshop Shakespeare & Company, and Sorbonne – the second university in Europe. Museums such as the Museum of Marie Curie and the Medieval Museum Cluny, as well as churches such as the charming Church of St. Etienne de Mont and Church of Saint Severin are also part of this tour.


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