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Paris Zoo (Parc Zoologique de Paris) Ticket




  • Discover the world of animals with a great diversity in a perfectly natural environment of a 14.5 hectares great park renovated in recent years
  • Feel like in a safari in the middle of Paris while observing animals from the Sudan plains, the rocky shores of Patagonia, and the tropical forests of Guyana and Madagascar
  • Awe at a 4,000 m2 greenhouse designed as a tropical rainforest

This ticket ables you to walk to the entrance without waiting for the tickets. As it is a top destination for families, buying tickets beforehand is highly recommended. Do not forget to get your map at the entrance because the zoo is really huge. They also lend strollers for kids if you don’t have a stroller to travel easier in such a large area.

There are about 200 species including mammals, fish, birds and reptiles. They are all divided between 5 departments that are called “Biozones“. They are all named in accordance with the names of habitats. It starts with Europe (wolves, lynxes, otters) and then continues as Madagascar and Africa (lions, giraffes and zebras). Then it moves to more areas at the margins like Patagonia (penguins, pumas and pudus) and Amazon (jaguars, monkeys and macaws).

Bois de Vincennes (Wood of Vincennes) is a vast green space bordering the central Paris. It covers 995 hectares facilitating activities like biking/hiking trails & lakes, and housing most importantly a botanical garden & zoo. In 2014, it was finally reopened after a long processes of reconstructions and refurbishments.

There is an artificial and tiny mountain called Big Rock (Le Grand Rocher) that was built in 1930s. It is more like a 65 meters tall iconic landmark of Paris Zoological Park. A Greenhouse completely out of glass is another monumental structure in the park. Its roof, covering 4000 square meters) shelters a habitat like a miniature tropical rainforest.

It is a real adventure having an encounter with wild animals – including giraffes, rhinos, ring-tailed lemurs, seals and young lions. And the good news is that all sections and divisions facilitate the most animal-friendly conditions for the friends waiting for you in the Vincennes Park in Paris!



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