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Panthéon Priority Entrance Ticket



  • Do not lose any time for tickets and just proceed to the gates while discovering a special quarter in Paris
  • Learn about the history of Paris via art and architecture inside the marvelous Pantheon
  • Stand in awe of the grandiosity of one of the greatest structures in Paris

Pantheon stuns everybody at first sight while walking through cobble stone streets of Quartier Latin in Paris. Particularly, its grandiose size, architecture, glorious columns and giant portico amaze all visitors. This priority ticket takes you directly towards the entrance without minding any lines at the ticket booth. You are only supposed to show your digital ticket on your phone screen at the gate.

This electronic ticket makes every part inside Pantheon building accessible, including the main hall and the crypt. Just like the view outside, the main hall mesmerizes with its Neo-Classical style reminding of the ancient Roman marvels. Just like its name refers to a continuity from Pantheon in Rome in the western culture. The vaults, pillars and magnificent dome in the middle are all fascinating.

There are massive canvas covering a huge portion of the walls. They narrate the distant history of France with its earliest kings, saints and stories. You can also see the famous Foucault’s Pendulum in the middle of this floor demonstrating the Earth’s rotation symbolizing the reason challenged the authority of the church and royalty. Once you walk down to the crypt, you may see a collective mausoleum of many great personalities such as Voltaire, Rousseau, Alexandre Dumas and Marie Curie.

Pantheon has a lot to tell about the history of Paris. The identity of the building has been reflecting stages of French national history for the last two centuries since the revolution. Before and during the construction, it  meant to be a church by the royalty. However, during the revolution it was transformed to a national temple of great men of France. Since then, it has been converted multiple times back and forth and become the symbol of conflict between the secular and religious politics in the country.



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