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Palace of Versailles Ticket with Gardens


Entrance to the Palace of Versailles
Access to the Gardens (however, an additional fee must be paid on Fountain Show and Musical Garden days)
Audio guide to download on your device
  • Reserve your entrance to a UNESCO World Heritage site and the audio guide to download into your smart phone
  • Fascinate with the extravagant decorations, royal rooms and gardens of the kings and queens of France before the revolution
  • Get the best selfies of the world in the amazing Hall of Mirrors, where the 1st World War ended with a Peace Treaty

Palace of Versailles means a perfect escape for travelers looking for a day outside the city of Paris. It presents a spectacular opportunity to meet France before the revolution where the kings and queens have lived. Therefore, it is quite popular and usually crowded at the gates. This combo ticket brings you the easiest solution. You can pick the best timing for you and receive your ticket right into your smartphone. Thus, you may just go to the “Entrance A” without looking and waiting for any ticket. Get the royal treatment yourself with this ticket by skipping the purchase line.

This 17th century palace complex is a combination of hundreds of astonishing rooms and halls surrounded by acres magnificent gardens. So, seeing the Versailles Palace in detail takes a lot of time. The audio guide will help you to enjoy your experience better and to use your time much better. While the splendor amazes your eyes, the included audio guide will fill your head with context and all sorts of info and stories about the history of this magnificent complex..

Among its 700 rooms and 67 staircases, paintings; the most anticipated part of Versailles is the Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors), a 75m-long ballroom lined with statues and busts. It has 17 arched windows, each embellished with 21 individual mirrors. That makes the place so opulent with light beams reflecting off 357 mirrors in total.



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