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Palace of Versailles, Gardens & Estate Skip The Line with Guided Tour



  • Visit King Louis XIV’s magnificent royal palace with 700 rooms decorated with styles, rare treasures and priceless art
  • Walk the iconic Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors), and see where the treaty of Versailles was signed in this UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Explore 250 acres of stunning gardens, packed with marble statues, hidden grottoes, and world-famous landscaping design

The Palace of Versailles is a favorite of travelers coming to Paris for a day-trip. Because of its popularity, it is necessary to reserve your entrance without ticket lines. This 90-minute guided tour with an English-speaking guide is a perfect package helping both for a fast entrance and efficient usage of time inside the palace.

As stunning as it is, the Palace of Versailles can be a little intimidating – there are more than 700 rooms, after all. A knowledgeable guide makes a world of difference to any Versailles visit, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with this all-access pass!

The exclusive guided tour of Louis XIV’s jaw-dropping palace opens the gates to Gardens and the Estate of Trianon as well. Take in the jewel-encrusted sights as you wander from room to incredible room, stopping to check the Hall of Mirrors and collection of 18th-century art. Then it’s time to explore the majestic gardens and soak up 250 beautiful acres of statues, water features, and rare plants.

‘Sun King’ Louis XIV gave his father’s humble hunting lodge a rather extravagant makeover, showcasing the sheer wealth and power of the French Monarchy. It’s just as spectacular today as it would have been almost 400 years ago, stuffed with priceless Renaissance artworks and lavish Baroque architecture.

Your guide will give you a real insider’s view, showing you the absolute best of the world’s largest royal domain, and teaching you all about its history and inhabitants.


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