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Opéra Garnier Ticket: Self-Guided Tour



  • Get dizzy by the volume and beauty of an architectural and decorative masterpiece of Paris
  • Discover the most symbolic monument of Belle Epoque when Paris was the cultural capital of the world
  • Admire the dazzling Auditorium, seven-ton chandelier falling from ceilings covered by Chagall paintings, the Grand Staircase and see the temporary exhibitions

Opéra Garnier is a cultural and architectural monument in Paris quite like the Notre Dame Cathedral or the Eiffel Tower. Palais Garnier, with its other name, is arguably the most beautiful building of Paris and the most beautiful opera houses in the world. This ticket is the straight entrance into this flamboyant in order to discover the heart of the biggest stage of performing arts in the 19th century world. All the the temporary exhibitions inside the Opera are accessible with this ticket at the day of your visit.

Opéra Garnier in Paris was the gem of high societies of the entire Europe, who were the main follower groups of art. Seeing its chandeliers and the grand foyer able to host 2000 guests could make you feel the elite culture of “Belle Epoque” in Paris, which was setting the cultural and style trends of the world. The place inspired the famous story “Phantom of the Opéra” takes place in Gaston Leroux’ novel.

However, there are many details to explore in one of the world’s fanciest opera houses. There are many pieces not to miss like the facade with its rose-marble columns and intricately carved friezes. There is no need to say that walking the grand stairs is a must where one can feel the real elegance surrounded by dozens of  single piece columns out of marble! The seven-tonne crystal chandelier backed by great paintings under the ceiling will stun you as well.

The 150 meters-long Grand Foyer competes with the famous Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles. There you definitely find out that you are witnessing a modern touch of royalty in Paris.




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