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Musée Rodin Skip The Line Ticket



  • Discover the collection and story of an artistic genius including his masterpieces like The Thinker and The Kiss
  • Travel in time while exploring art in the 18th-century Hôtel Biron and its heavenly gardens where many of Rodin’s later creations were made
  • See paintings by Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Edvard Munch among the personal collection of Rodin as the favorites of a fellow artist

Wouldn’t you like to see the famous Thinker in the great artist Rodin’s own garden while visiting Paris? In order to do that, every visitor (around 700,000 in 2019) should reserve tickets for a specific day. And here is a ticket, which provides the shortest and easiest way to enter this magnificent historic mansion. Then, all the permanent and temporary exhibitions are yours.

In this extensive collection of Rodin, the genius of modern sculpture, the most iconic pieces are The ThinkerThe KissThe Gates of Hell. But there are a great number of top pieces waiting for you inside. You basically walk through the sculptures that defined Rodin’s life and career in a perfectly categorized order in successive rooms. The exhibitions successfully presents his life from the failings of his earlier career to be an all-time celebrity of his craft. The growth of an artist in terms of aesthetic and creativity becomes visible here. Rodin’s own painting collection is also a significant part in this museum. He was admirers of some and friends with some other pioneer artists in Paris.

Rodin established his collection himself in this historic house and its gardens that had been built in the 18th-century. A royal architect designed it as a town house and a country residence just beyond the walls of Paris back then. It was formerly known as Hôtel Biron named after one of its owners, among whom there were aristocrats, bankers, cardinals and ambassadors. In other words, the house is a unique sample to observe a venue of lavish lifestyles of former ages. Do not miss the works by Renoir, Monet, van Gogh and Carrière purchased by Rodin.

The gardens are so heavenly that you could forget that you are in the middle of a metropolitan city. What could be better than walking in a peaceful green garden displaying highest level art around you? If you think so, do not forget to book for your visit here!


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