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Musée Jacquemart-André Ticket: Skip The Line




  • Secure your ticket and avoid the crowds waiting in front of the top museums of Paris
  • Discover the most exceptional private art collection in Paris, particularly rich with original works from the Italian Renaissance
  • Get ready to be dazzled by the peak of architecture and decorative arts in 19th century Paris

Would you like to see some more Renaissance paintings like Mona Lisa during your visit in Paris? Musée Jacquemart-André is the perfect choice that feels like a boutique Louvre. And, here you can find the easiest entrance into this limited space displaying a world class art. In this way, you can have your ticket in your pocket already there and head to the entrance. Your ticket covers the permanent collection and exhibitions. From the library to bedrooms, they all swarm with art everywhere. So do not be surprised when you are hit by a piece of David from the revolutionary era.

Apart from works of great masters inside, the house itself of Edouard André and Néilie Jacquemart provides an opportunity to see an unbelievably charming place to witness the elegance of Parisian upper society in 19th century. Therefore, a visit at this private museum delivers great angles to see a famous period called “Belle Epoque” in Paris nearby Champs-Elysées area.

There are 5 special divisions open for visits including family, state and guest apartments, the winter garden and Italian Gallery. The apartments are spectacular first in terms of architecture and style. Particularly, the winter garden makes everyone dizzy by its lights, frescoes and beautiful staircases. Second, the chambers display the domestic and formal aspects that feels more than a museum.

The most anticipated part, the Italian Museum is divided in three main rooms filled with an unmatched Renaissance collection. The Sculpture Gallery houses 15th and 16th century works by masters including Donatello. In the Florentine Gallery, Botticelli and Uccello are the stars. The Venetian Gallery, the favorite of André the householder, exhibits Bellini and Mantegna in a typical Venetian setting.

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