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Moulin Rouge Show Tickets in Paris




  • Reserve your place at the one-and-only Moulin Rouge and join a legendary party extravaganza in the heart of Paris
  • Revel in cabaret and on-stage music show along with dance scenes and acts by dozens of designers and charming performers
  • Enjoy your flexibility by choosing a tasty dinner-and-show package or a late-night performance combined with champagne

This is the famous Moulin Rouge, the iconic cabaret show of Paris, and all the possible options are here. Chose your program (at 9:00 or 10:00 pm) and then take your seat at the show using your smartphone voucher!

Moulin Rouge has been the phenomenal venue of extraordinary shows since 1889 that changed the night life in Paris first, and then the world. At the foothills Montmartre, the neighborhood of avant-garde artists, Moulin Rouge represented the entertainment beyond the limits. The performers of the famed French cabaret have dazzled guests with their celebratory show for a long time. It became the stage of scandals and marginals.

This Red Mill’s frequenters did always include interesting people celebrities of Europe, bohemian artists of Paris, richest people of the world… Would you like to witness the party your self this time? If so, reserving your seat is highly recommended at the Moulin Rouge! Meanwhile, you may opt for a dinner of traditional French cuisine or a late-night version with champagne. Both choices lead to perfect nights in Paris. So, you should just pick the one that fits your travel program best.

The show nowadays is “Féerie” featuring 60 Doriss Girls and musicians recruited world-wide. They all shine in almost 1000 glamorous costumes by Parisian designers with dazzling choreographies. The thematic dynamism will move you from adventures overseas to Paris nostalgia hand in hand with changing unbelievable sets by Italian decorators.

All in all, a special production by an international creative team offer a two-hours revue show that is the ultimate experience to top a visit to Paris.


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