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  • Montparnasse Tower Ticket: 56th Floor Panoramic Terrace

Montparnasse Tower Ticket: 56th Floor Panoramic Terrace




  • Amaze yourself with the most inclusive view of Paris and over all of its monuments from Montparnasse Tower
  • Observe the landscape of the “City of Lights” from 210 meters high open-air observatory at the top
  • Dine on the 56th floor and taste the wonders of French cuisine in a pretty exceptional place

This is the fast track and easiest way to see Paris from above covering the entire city. With this ticket, you can directly go to the Montparnasse Tower’s panoramic visit entrance. The exceptionally fast elevators take you up to the 56th floor without waiting in, literally, seconds. Therefore, unlike other tourist attractions in Paris, Montparnasse Tower reveals without crowds.

This is the one and only 360 degree landscape of Paris presenting all of Saint-Germain, Pantheon, Notre Dame, Les Invalides and La Défense in sight. Last but not least, the astonishing view includes the Eiffel Tower too, the “Iron Lady” of Paris!

Over the top, at 210 meters altitude, you will find a perfect dinner option too. Restaurant “Le Ciel de Paris” offers specialties while the visitors are gazing over the City of Lights. In case you might wondering where to find a romantic place with a view, the excellent cuisine there is definitely worth to try.



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