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Montmartre Audioguide


  • Explore the beautiful streets of Montmartre of Paris step by step at your own pace when you want without waiting anything or anyone
  • Chase the great painters & writers that lived and produced on the Montmartre Hill understand the French metropolitan culture better
  • Awe at the panoramic Paris view while listening about the history of the Basilica Sacre Coeur like many other interesting stories coming on the way

This is a self-guided tour that allows you to discover Montmartre on your own as an individual, couple, family or a group of friends if you will. This is also the most suitable way to walk through the free-spirited streets of the hill of artists in Paris.

There is no meeting, waiting and time limits! You just listen, learn, walk or give breaks as much as you want. There are around 20 stations picked by our expert guides to tell about while exploring this unique part of Paris. You will see those points marked on a map with your own location.

The course of the tour covers approximately 2 miles / 3 km distance that might take 45 minutes with non-stop walking. Of course, it is entirely up to you to skip any station if you think that you don’t have time. On this tour you are the boss and determine the duration and pace yourself!

Meanwhile, there are significant museums and monuments on the way. For example; if the Montmartre is in your list… or if you would care fore a beautiful exhibition dedicated to Salvador Dali… you can easily buy your tickets online or at the spot and stretch out your program.

Montmartre is full of striking stories and important personalities since the ancient times. The characters, who made Montmartre as we know it, varies from saints to painters. You will grasp its unique atmosphere better as you listen about them while walking its cobbled-stone streets. On the way, in addition to the most influential painters, we will talk about divers topics ranging from windmills of Paris to the night life in Pigalle.

Last but not least, the course of this tour is designed to pass the most photogenic corners of Montmartre. So, get ready for your best shots in Paris!



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