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Grand Palais: Skip The Line Ticket




  • Visit a historical monument that was the pair of the Eiffel Tower when constructed together for the Universal Expo Paris in the year 1900
  • Enjoy the national galleries of Grand Palais with its ever-changing dynamic exhibitions and events
  • Secure your place with your e-ticket at the Grand Palais that limits the entrances when a certain numbers are reached for each slot

This is the ticket for Grand Palais exhibitions to skip the ticket booths and queues. Plus, with this ticket, you do not mind even the most popular days when the ticket windows are shut because of visitor quotas are full. You can just enter at your planned and reserved time effortlessly whatever happens.

Housed in a monumental palatial complex between the Seine River and Champs-Elysées Avenue, Grand Palais might be full of surprises with as it organizes cultural events temporary exhibitions. Particularly, selections from great artists and collectors in Paris or abroad could bundle a perfect package. Or, you may coincide with the famous Paris Fashion Week. Then do not be shocked to see haute couture walk inside here or even on a temporary platform in the gardens. Once the winter comes, you may be willing to visit for skating under these impressive glass ceilings.

Aside from the wonders of art or fun activities inside, the architecture reflects pure beauty from one end to the other as it was designed to stun the visitors of famous World Fair in 1900. It was a competition of designer back then and the winner was Eugene Henard with his masterpiece that combine Classicist and Art Nouveau styles. The final result is what you see today; a wrought-iron framework rising on stone colonnades and reaching up to dizzying glass dome that cover 72,000 square meters (775,000 square feet).



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