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Conciergerie: Priority Entrance Ticket




  • Explore the largest structure left from the Medieval Palace of Paris, one of the best preserved of its kind in Europe
  • Travel back in time to learn about the times it was a prison, most notably for the Queen Marie Antoinette until her execution
  • Wander through the Salle des Gens d’Armes, the former dining room for 2,000 palace staff, and Europe’s largest existing medieval hall

This is a priority access ticket into a building that was once was a palace in middle ages in Paris, before more Versailles and Louvre palaces. It is particularly popular for tourists as the cell of the most famous prisoner of all times is here: Marie Antoinette, the Austrian Queen of France. Good news: with this ticket on your phone, the ticket line could not bother you! You may show up just at the entrance.

The medieval palace housing Conciergerie was called Palais Île de la Cité and known with royal dramas. Along with the Sainte-Chapelle next doors, it carries traces of the surviving glamour of kings. But, on the other hand, it served as a prison during the revolution. Of course a big majority of the visitors anticipate the Queen’s tragedy at most, but there are more to see inside starting with more representative cell from the times of French Revolution. Back in that time, these cells were seen like “waiting rooms before guillotines”.

Moreover, there is the Gothic Salle des Gens d’Armes is Europe’s biggest medieval hall still in existence. Being there is absolutely an authentic experience to feel centuries that are long gone in this incredible Gothic building from 13th century. Another fear-inspiring part of the palace was the Bonbec Tower, which was a torture chamber. The name ‘Bonbec’ refers to the fact that prisoners who came here could not resist and deny whatever they were being accused of (bon means ‘good’ and bec meant ‘mouth’).



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