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Arc de Triomphe Skip The Line Ticket with Rooftop



  • Benefit from your online ticket that gets you in faster right to the security without queues
  • Find the best angles to see Paris and get finest images atop the iconic triumphal arc of Napoleon
  • Combine your delightful day around the famous Champs-Elysées with great views of Paris

Champs-Elysées is rightfully a part of travelers’ list coming to Paris. And this glamorous area is perfect for spoiling your self by food, fashion and style. And there is no place to complete such a day better than 50 meter-high terrace of the world-famous Arc de Triomphe” of Paris. This ticket will make your experience fast and easy to maximize your best day in Paris.

This is a flexible ticket with one-year-validity until you use it. So, first, there is no rush to catch a limited time. Moreover, you can skip the crowds in front of the ticket booth and use the other entrance only for ticket holders. It is very easy to redeem once you show your smart phone before the security check and the climb.

Arc de Triomphe is a two-centuries-old national monument of French Nation that is definitely worth to see with all the surrounding details since the Napoleon Bonaparte’s times. There are many meaningful elements all over the pillars and other surfaces like sculpted friezes and reliefs, the names of significant battles since then. There’s also an exhibition which explains the symbolic importance of this monument under the roof. Make sure to see it, after you’ve been to the top.

The real sight, however, is over the top where you can see one of the best panoramic views of Paris. The terrace above the monument delivers 360° panoramic views of Paris. Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower, and Montparnasse Tower rise to higher altitudes. But the top of Arc de Triomphe provides better views and photos for framing a dozen of grand avenues of Paris including Champs-Elysées and a great civic architecture.

The location at the intersection of the grand avenues also means that you can only use two underground passages from the avenues Grand Armée and Champs-Elysées. One final clue: If you climb 45 minutes before the sunset, you may see Paris with both daylight and streetlights!


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