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Aquarium de Paris Ticket




  • Enjoy the diversity in display with more than 13,000 aquatic creatures, coming from as far as distant corners of oceans
  • Spoil your kid and the kid in you amongst sharks, rays, starfish and even mermaids swimming among the other fish to blow little minds wide open
  • Visit the touch-tanks for direct contact! A petting pond lets you stroke ornamental fish that seem to find the experience quite pleasant

The Paris Aquarium (also known as Cinéaqua) is the ultimate visit you can make your kids happy without going far from the major attractions. The Aquarium is inside the Trocadero Gardens, where you can have a perfect view of Eiffel Tower riding across the river. Or, Champs-Elysées is just in a 15 minutes of walking distance. Moreover, this ticket, coming into your smartphone, leads you directly to the entrance. To sum up, this is a solid adventure in the most efficient way for traveling people in terms of time and location.

The Paris Aquarium is one of the oldest aquariums in the world founded in 1867 when Paris had an unmatched stage of science during the age of exploration. The star of that age in Paris was Jules Verne. He was the author of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and a true inspiration. It has more than 13,000 creatures who call its depths home. Featuring mermaid shows, an aquatic cinema and a shark basin stacked with the apex predators, this is an incredible way to add a deep blue dimension to your trip to the center of Paris.

13,000 sea creatures are waiting for you in 4 million liters of water, with tanks holding aquatic life species from both oceans around the globe or rivers nearby. More precisely, for example; the primary chapter is made of local fish like carp, sturgeon and roach swimming in the Seine River that divides Paris into halves.

Displaying the seas at Tahiti and New Caledonia coasts swarm with fish of all colors: angel, clown and triggerfish jockey for position, as they dart among rock and coral. Regarding the volume, Paris Aquarium is impressive, even awe-inspiring, and one of the largest in Europe.

The headliners are definitely the sharks as always. Five species of these predators of the deep never fail to dazzle the kids, and strike with admiration everyone else.


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