Guide to get to Paris

This is about an easy flight, train, bus and the journey to Paris in your own car. 

How can I get to Paris?

... and how do I easily move around in the city?

How to get to Paris (EN)

Guide zur Anreise nach Paris Hier geht es ...


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Tickets, Tours and audio guides

How to get to Paris (EN)

When do tickets for city trips become profitable? 

The purchase of a one-day ticket pays off at the normal price in Paris from four single trips upwards. This applies to the entire public transport network.

Tickets for single rides are also sold in packs of ten, as so-called "carnet". Carnets are about 30% cheaper than normal single tickets. As they are not personal, several people can share a "carnet".

Additional special tickets such as the Paris Welcome Card are a recommendation for public transport in combination with discounts at the entrance of sights, museums and attractions.

Airport Transfer

  • Airport Charles de Gaulle: The airport is located about 23 kilometers north of Paris and has good public transport connections to the city. The S-Bahn line RER provides connections to the city center. There is also the option of Bus Direct, the Air France shuttle bus, regional trains, TGV, public buses and the Roissybus. 
  • Airport Orly: Orly airport is located about 9 kilometers south of Paris. In addition to two suburban railway lines, it can be reached with the Orlybus shuttle bus, public buses and express buses. There is even a tram line, line no. 7, which goes to this airport.  
  • Airport Beauvais-Tillé: The airport is located about 84 kilometers from Paris. There is a shuttle service and regional bus lines to Paris.

Train, Bus and Parking

  • Train Station: All main train stations of Paris are located in the city center with a connection to the metro network of Paris. Taxis are usually available at the exit. It is advisable to buy a ticket for public transport. This is already included in the Paris Welcome Card. 
  • Bus terminal: The central bus terminal is located near a metro station and can be easily reached by public transport.
  • Parking: In addition to multi-storey car parks throughout the city there are also Park&Ride car parks at some metro stations.

Airport Transfer

Roissybus, Orlybus, Shuttlebus, RER and Private Transfer

How to get to Paris (EN)

FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions)

Where can I buy tickets for public transportation?

Metro tickets can be bought at all metro and RER stations in Paris at ticket counters or from ticket machines, including Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports. The Paris Welcome Card is available in our shop.

How can I pay the tickets?

At some machines you can only pay by credit card, at others by cash or card.

How can I get to Disneyland?

The RER A line goes to Disneyland, terminus Marne-la-Vallée Chessy. The Magical Shuttle airport shuttle bus will take you directly to Disneyland from Paris Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports.

Where can I buy the Paris Welcome Card?

You can purchase the Paris Welcome Card directly online in our shop. In addition to reduced entrance fees to many museums, it also offers free travel on certain areas of the public transport network.

For Group Trips

Conferences, meetings, fairs, club trips and events 

How to get to Paris (EN)

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